1505.01  DEFINITION.
   "Service station" means a use of premises primarily for the retail sale of gasoline or other motor vehicle fuels and oil for delivery into automotive vehicles and may include: the retail sale of lubricants, tires, batteries and automotive accessories; the rendering of services and the making of adjustments and replacements to motor vehicles; the washing, waxing and polishing of motor vehicles as incidental to other services rendered; the washing of motor vehicles with self-service coin-operated equipment without an independent structure therefor; and the making of repairs to motor vehicles except repairs of a major type which are defined to be spray painting, body, fender, clutch, transmission, differential, axle, spring and frame repairs; major overhauling of engines requiring the removal of engine cylinder head or crankcase pan; repairs to radiators requiring the removal thereof; or complete recapping or retreading of tires.
(Ord. 6257. Passed 1-21-70.)