(a)    All exterior parts of every dwelling, including exterior walls, parapet walls,
decorative additions, chimneys and all other exterior structures, either above or below the roofline shall be maintained in a safe and sanitary condition, weathertight and so as to resist decay or deterioration from any cause.
   (b)    Any dwelling structure or accessory building whose exterior surface is bare,
deteriorated, ramshackled, collapsing, decaying, disintegrating or in poor repair shall be repaired.
      (1)    All buckled, rusted, rotted or decayed walls, doors, windows, porches, floors, steps, railings, trim and their missing members, and broken glass and cut or damaged screening for windows and doors, and any other deteriorating conditions shall be replaced or restored to good condition.
      (2)    All replacements should match and conform to the original design wherever possible or be replaced completely.
      (3)    All exterior wood or exterior unfinished surfaces excluding those woods approved for use in their natural state should have their surface covered with approved protective coating and/or treated to prevent rot and decay, and shall conform and match wherever possible the existing paint and/or surface covering and original design or replacement thereof. All existing walls and surfaces shall be properly protected against the weather where such are defective or lack weather protection or have weathered due to lack of proper protective coating or covering.
   (c)    Street Numbers. Each dwelling structure to which a street number has been assigned shall have such number displayed in a position easily observed and readable from the public right-of-way.
(Ord. 02-046.  Passed 6-26-02.)