The following definitions shall apply in the interpretation and enforcement of the Code:
   (a)    "Accessory Building" means a secondary or appurtenant building, the use of which is incidental or accessory to that of the main building, and which is attached thereto or located on the same premises.
   (b)    "Code"  means the "Property Maintenance Code" being Chapter 1397 of the Codified Ordinances of the City (Ordinance 02-046).
   (c)    "Building Administrator" means the Safety-Service Director or his authorized representative.
   (d)    "Duplex" means a building consisting of two dwelling units.
   (e)    "Dwelling" means a building designed for a occupied exclusively for residential use including one-family and multi-family dwellings, but not including hotels, boardinghouse, tourist homes, tents or trailers.
   (f)    "Foundation" means construction primarily below grade, which provides support for exterior walls or other structural parts of a building or structure.
   (g)    "Lot With Structure," means any lot within the City upon which a structure is located.
   (h)    "Private Garage" means a building or part thereof accessory to a main building providing for the storage of passenger automobiles and in which no occupation, business or service for profit is carried on.
   (i)    "Multiple Family Dwelling" means a building or portion thereof consisting of three or more dwelling units. It includes apartment houses, apartment hotels, flats, group or row houses.
   (j)    "Apartment Building" means a multi-family dwelling comprised of two or more dwellings comprised or two or more dwelling units, i.e. apartments and each having a separate entrance or entrances.
      (Ord. 02-046.  Passed 6-26-02.)