(a)   No person shall occupy as owner-occupant or shall let to another for occupancy any dwelling or dwelling unit, for the purpose of living, sleeping, cooking, or eating therein, which does not comply with the following requirements:
      (1)   Kitchen sink. Every dwelling unit shall contain a room or space for the storage, preparation, and cooking of food, which shall include space for a stove or other cooking facilities and space for dry food storage, and space for refrigerated food storage; and shall include a kitchen sink installed. The sink shall be of nonabsorbent material, in good working condition and properly connected to hot and cold running water system under pressure and sewer system, which sink and systems shall be installed and maintained in a manner prescribed by ordinance, rules and regulations of the City of Struthers.
      (2)   Bathroom facilities. Every dwelling unit shall contain, within a separate room or rooms affording privacy, a flush water closet, a lavatory basin and a bathtub or shower. These fixtures shall be in good working condition and properly connected to a water and sewer system approved by the Housing Maintenance Code Enforcement Officer. Such room shall not be used for the preparation or consumption of food or for sleeping purposes and shall be accessible without passing through a sleeping room or another dwelling unit.
      (3)   Sharing bathroom facilities prohibited. The sharing of bathroom facilities, regardless of the date of construction of the structure or the number of dwelling units located therein, is prohibited.
      (4)   Hot and cold water. Every kitchen sink, lavatory basin, and bathtub or shower required under the provision of this chapter shall be properly connected with both hot and cold water lines.
      (5)   Rubbish storage and garbage disposal. Every dwelling unit shall have adequate rubbish and garbage storage containers in which to place the garbage and rubbish produced therein. The containers shall consist of watertight cans, equipped with adequate handles.
      (6)   Water-heating facilities. Every dwelling unit shall have supplied water- heating facilities which are properly installed, maintained in safe and good working condition, properly connected with hot water lines required under subsections (a)(1) and (2) hereof, and are capable of heating water to be drawn at every required kitchen sink, lavatory basin, bathtub or shower at a temperature of not less than 120ºF even when the heating facilities required by the Code are not in operation.
         (Ord. 99-9773. Passed 3-12-99.)