The Plumbing Inspector shall have the right to enter any public building, tenement, theater or school, where he has good and sufficient reason to believe that the sanitary conditions of such premises are such as to endanger the public health, for the purpose of making such inspection as may be necessary to ascertain the condition of the same.
   It shall be the duty of any owner, or manager of any public building or tenement where an inspection is ordered by the Inspector of Plumbing to cause or have the entire system of drainage and ventilation repaired, as he may direct. After due notice to repair such work, it shall be the duty of the owner, or manager to notify the Inspector of Plumbing that such work is ready for inspection; failing to have the work ready for inspection at the specified time of such notice, he will be subjected to penalty as is provided by this chapter. The Plumbing Inspector shall have the right to condemn and have changed any plumbing in any public building, workshop, tenement, theater, school or any other premises which does not comply with this chapter or which is not in a sanitary condition.
(1955 Code § 979.20)