1353.04  PERMIT FEES.
   No plumbing nor house sewer work shall be done in the City, except in case of repairs or leaks (repairs do not include the setting or connecting of an entirely complete fixture) without a permit being first issued therefor by the Pluming Inspector, and each application for a permit shall be accompanied with a fee as established by the Board of Health.
   The fees shall be deposited in the City Treasury to the credit of the Public Health Fund.  If it appears to the Plumbing Inspector that the provisions of the chapter have been fully complied with by the applicant, he shall issue the permit asked for.
   Master plumbers who fail to comply with the directions or orders of the Plumbing Inspector relative to the repair and filling in of any street, excavation or trenches may have their license revoked after notice.
(Ord. 84-8018.  Passed 4-18-84; Ord. 01-10040.  Passed 11-10-01.)