Within an Industrial A District no building, structure or premises shall be used or
arranged or designed to be used in any part for any of the following specified uses:
      (1)    Acetylene gas manufacture in excess of fifteen pounds pressure per square inch.
      (2)    Ammonia, bleaching powder or chlorine manufacture.
      (3)    Asphalt manufacture or refining.
      (4)    Auto wrecking.
      (5)    Brick, tile or terra cotta manufacturing.
      (6)    Celluloid manufacture, treatment or storage.
      (7)    Creosote treatment or manufacture.
      (8)    Disinfectant or insecticide manufacture.
      (9)    Distillation of bones, coal, tar or wood.
      (10)    Dyestuff manufacture.
      (11)    Fat rendering.
      (12)    Gas (heating or illuminating) manufacture or storage, except where such gas is to be entirely consumed on the same premises.
      (13)    Glue, gelatin or size manufacture.
      (14)    Incineration or reduction of dead animals, garbage, offal or refuse, other than garbage, offal or refuse accumulated and consumed without odor on the same premises.
      (15)    Lamp black manufacture.
      (16)    Lime, cement or plaster of Paris manufacture.
      (17)    Match manufacture.
      (18)    Oilcloth or linoleum manufacture.
      (19)    Pickle, sausage, sauerkraut or vinegar manufacture.
      (20)    Paint, oil, varnish or turpentine manufacture.
      (21)    Refining of petroleum or other inflammable liquids.
      (22)    Rubber manufacture from crude materials.
      (23)   Soda ash, caustic soda and washing compound manufacture.
      (24)    Slaughtering of animals.
      (25)    Smelting.
      (26)    Soap manufacture.
      (27)    Stock yards.
      (28)    Storage or baling of scrap paper, rags or junk.
      (29)    Sulphurous, sulphuric, nitric or hydrochloric acid manufacture.
      (30)    Tallow, grease or lard manufacture or refining.
      (31)    Tanning or curing of leather raw hides or skins or storage of raw hides or skins.
      (32)    Tar distillation or manufacture.
      (33)    Tar roofing or tar waterproofing manufacture.
      (34)    Any other trade, industry or use, that is injurious, noxious or offensive by reason of the emission of odor, dust, fumes, smoke, noise or vibration.
         (1955 Code.  §1141.01)