In a Commercial A District, the following limitations and requirements shall apply:
   (a)    Height.  No building shall exceed thirty-five feet or two and one-half stories in  height. Churches, hospitals, schools or any other public building may be built to  a height of seventy feet or six stories, providing any such building sets back from  every street and lot line in addition to any other yard and set-back requirements  herein specified, one foot for each two feet of height of the building above thirty five feet. 
   (b)    Rear Yards.  There shall be a rear yard on  every lot which shall have a minimum  depth of sixteen feet for a one story building, increasing to twenty feet for a two  story building.
   (c)    Set-back.  No building shall be erected, reconstructed or altered so as to project  in any manner beyond a line which is distant from the street line the average  distance therefrom of the buildings fronting on the same side of the street within  the block at the time of the passage of Ordinance 2816 passed January 5, 1949.  Where there are existing buildings at the time of the passage of Ordinance 2816  passed January 5, 1949 on only one side of the street within the block, then the  set-back line on the vacant side shall be the same as the improved side of the  street within the block. Where there is no building fronting on either side of the  street within the block, no new building shall be erected with its street wall or  walls nearer than twenty-five feet to the street line; however, this provision does  not include steps, uncovered porches and covered unenclosed porches on the first story which do not extend more than ten feet beyond the front wall of the building. On a corner lot, the street frontages which are not opposite to the rear lot line,  shall be exempt from the above provisions. 
   (d)    Side Yards.  There shall be a side yard on each side of every building or portion  of a building used as a dwelling, which side yard shall have a minimum width of  five feet.
   (e)    Courts.  Where a building is designed with a commercial use on the first floor and with living quarters on the second floor an outer court may be substituted on the second floor for a side yard for the portion of the building more than two rooms in depth, providing such outer court is in width not less than eight percent of the width of the lot but in no case shall such outer court be less than four feet wide. Wherever any room in which people live or sleep cannot be adequately lighted and ventilated from a street, rear yard, side yard or outer court, an inner court must be provided. Such inner court shall be not less than eight feet wide and it shall be not less in length than twice its width.
(1955 Code. §1137.02)