Within a Commercial A District no building, structure or premises shall be used or
arranged or designed to be used in any part for any of the following specified uses:
   (a)    Aluminum, brass, copper, iron or steel foundry or works.
   (b)    Assaying other than gold or silver.
   (c)    Blacksmith or horse-shoeing shop.
   (d)    Bleaching, dry cleaning or dyeing plant.
   (e)    Bottling works.
   (f)    Coal, coke or wood yard.
   (g)    Contractors plant or storage yard.
   (h)    Flour or grain mill or elevator.
   (i)    Forge or foundry works.
   (j)    Ice manufacture or storage of more than twenty tons of ice.
   (k)    Loading and transfer stations for municipal wastes and motor freight and transfer stations.
   (l)    Lumber yard.
   (m)    Milk bottling or distributing station.
   (n)    Public garage or stable; provided, however, that a public garage or stable may be erected under the following conditions.
      (1)    No repair facilities are maintained on the front portion of the lot or in the front portion of the first story of the building within twenty-five feet of the street.
      (2)    No entrance or exit shall be within twenty-five feet of a residence district or within fifty feet of any school, public playground, church, hospital, public library or institution for dependents or for children.
   (o)    Stone yard.
   (p)    Storage of petroleum or its derivatives above the ground in excess of one hundred  and fifty gallons, or any gasoline filling, oiling or greasing station  where any appliance for any such purposes is located within twelve feet of any street or within  fifty feet of any residence district, except with twenty-five percent of the total  floor space building and distance at least twelve feet from any entrance or exit. 
   (q)    Saw, planing or woodworking mill. 
   (r)    Steam railroad yard or round house.
   (s)    Yeast manufacture.
   (t)    Any further industry or use which creates corrosive, toxic or noisome fumes, gas,  smoke or odors or obnoxious dust or vapor or offensive noise or vibration.
   (u)    Any other fabricating, manufacturing, treating, converting, altering, finishing or  assembling or any use prohibited in the Building Code.
(1955 Code. §1137.01)