Within any Residence B District, no building, structure or premises shall be used or arranged or designed to be used in any part, except for one or more of the following specified uses:
   (a)    Any use permitted in a Residence A District.
   (b)    Detached dwelling for not more than two families or two housekeeping units, or a double dwelling for not more than two families or units on each side of a party wall common to both halves of such building. A group of row houses of not more than eight units for one housekeeping unit each, provided that all rooms of such structure shall be adequately lighted by openings directly on either the front yard or rear yard.
   (c)    Cemeteries including any crematory therein.
   (d)    Accessory uses customarily incident to any of the above permitted uses but not including the conduct of a business or industry or any driveway or walk giving access thereto.
      (1955 Code. §1133.01)
      (1)    A private garage on the same lot located not less than fifty feet from the front lot line, if a separate building, or in a suitable room within or attached to the dwelling to which it is accessory and in which garage no business or industry is conducted. In the case of a corner lot, no wall of the garage shall be nearer a street line than the side line of the main building and it shall also be as far from the street line as the line fixed by this Zoning Ordinance for buildings on adjoining lots or as near thereto as the width of the lot will permit.
   Garage space may be provided for two motor vehicles on any lot and garage space may be provided for each 1,250 square feet of area by which such lot area exceeds 2,500 square feet.  No part of such garage shall be more than one story high, nor shall any part of such building be used for residence purposes, except where such building is intended for use as a private garage with servant quarters therein.  Such building may be two stories in height but not exceeding twenty-five feet.
         (Ord. 96-9524.  Passed 7-29-96.)