Within any Residence A District, no building, structure or premises shall be used or arranged or designed to be used in any part, except for one or more of the following specified uses:
   (a)    A detached dwelling for only one family or for one housekeeping unit, living and entering independently of any other family or unit.
   (b)    Two family dwelling; provided, however, that such permit shall be issued by the Zoning Commissioner only upon direction of the Board of Appeals.
   (c)    The taking of boarders or the leasing of rooms by a resident family; provided, however, that space for one roomer be allowed in any case and space for one additional roomer for each one hundred and fifty square feet by which the total floor area of the building exceeds six hundred and twenty-five square feet.
   (d)    Churches and other places of worship.
   (e)    Clubs, lodges, social and community center buildings, except those a chief activity of which is a gainful service or activity usually conducted as a business.
   (f)    Farms, truck gardens, nurseries and greenhouses.
   (g)    Institutions of an educational, religious or philanthropic character, other than correctional institutions.
   (h)    Hospitals or sanitariums, but not for contagious diseases nor for the care of epileptic or drug or liquor patients, nor for the care of the insane or feeble minded.
   (i)    Municipal recreational buildings, playgrounds and parks.
   (j)    Accessory uses customarily incident to any of the above permitted uses but not including the conduct of a business or industry or any driveway or walk giving access thereto.
      (1)    A private garage on the same lot, located not less than fifty feet from the front lot line, if a separate building, or in a suitable room within or attached to the dwelling to which it is accessory and in which garage, no business or industry is conducted. In the case of a corner lot, no wall of the garage shall be nearer a street line than the side line of the main building and it shall also be as far from the street lines as the line fixed by this Zoning Ordinance for buildings on adjoining lots or as near thereto as the width of the lot will permit. Garage space may be provided for two motor vehicles on any lot and garage space may be provided for each 2,500 square feet of area by which such lot area exceeds 5,000 square feet, but in any case not more than five motor vehicles shall be permitted. No part of any such garage shall be more than one story high nor shall any part of such building be used for residence purposes, except where such building is intended for use as a private garage with servants quarters therein, such building may be two stories in height but not exceeding twenty-five feet.
      (2)    The office or studio of a physician, dentist, musician or other like professional person may be located in the dwelling used by such professional person as his residence, provided there is no display visible from the street, nor signboard used to advertise such use except as provided in the Building Code.
      (3)    Customary home occupations such as millinery, dressmaking or hairdressing, provided there is no display of goods visible from the street and no exterior  advertising except as provided in the Building Code and provided such occupation shall be carried on by a person only in the dwelling used by such person as his private residence, and provided that such occupation shall not occupy more than one-third of the floor area of his residence or apartment.
      (4)    Signs pertaining to the lease, sale or use of a lot or building may be placed thereon, provided the total area of all such signs does not exceed eight square feet, and provided further that on a lot occupied by a dwelling, the total area of signs placed on the lot or dwelling and pertaining to the use thereof or bearing the name or occupation of an occupant, shall not exceed one square foot for each family housed. A sign or bulletin board not exceeding twelve square feet in area may be erected upon the premises of a church or other institution for the purpose of displaying the named activities or services thereon provided.
         (1955  Code.  §1131.01)