At the time of filing the application for the approval of any plat, or at the time plans and specifications for any improvement or improvements are submitted to Council for approval, there shall be deposited with the Auditor an amount of money sufficient in the opinion of the Zoning Commissioner to cover the cost and expense of such investigation as may be necessary to determine whether such proposed allotment conforms to this chapter  or its improvements have been made or are being installed in accordance with the requirements of this chapter and plans and specifications approved by Council. The cost and expense of such investigation which shall be made by the Zoning Commissioner or his assistants shall be paid from such deposit upon itemized bills rendered by the Commissioner. In case such expenditure exceeds such deposit, the excess shall be borne by the applicant. In case such expenditure is less than the deposit, the balance shall be refunded to the applicant within a reasonable time after making of such investigation.
(1955 Code. §1103.22)