A Planning Commission in accordance with Ohio R.C. 713.01 is hereby established, which Commission shall consist of five members: the Mayor, Safety-Service Director and three residents of the Municipality who shall serve without compensation and who shall be appointed by the Mayor for a term of six years, except that the term of one of the members of the first Commission shall be for four years and one for two years. It is further provided that the Planning Commission shall administer the Planning and Zoning Code and all other matters pertaining to zoning, approving of plats, widening, vacating and changing the use of buildings, property, utilities or terminal whether publicly or privately owned or operated.
   The Commission shall further make recommendation to public officials concerning the general location, character and extent of any public or private ways, grounds, open spaces, buildings or property with the idea in mind of providing the City with a general building plan in order to promote public welfare and to perform any and all other duties required by  ordinance of Council and the laws of the State.
(1955 Code. §1101.01)