(a)   Reservations.  The Struthers Rotary Pavilion is equipped with tables to accommodate 96 people.  It is equipped with electricity and restroom facilities within walking distance. The use of the Pavilion is by reservation permit only.  It is suggested that persons considering rental of these facilities tour the premises prior to making the reservation.
      (1)   The pavilion may be reserved for authorized time periods any day starting the Friday before the week May 1 falls and ending the Saturday of the week in which September 30 falls. Authorized hours are 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.
      (2)   A non-refundable deposit of $50.00 is required to secure your reservation, which must be made within three (3) business days of the reservation payable to the Auditor's Office.
   (b)   General Regulations.
      (1)   A group having a reservation is entitled to the exclusive use of the Pavilion only.  The playground, parking lot and baseball fields are public facilities open to all.
      (2)   Gambling in any form is prohibited.
      (3)   No live music, amplifiers or public address systems are permitted.  The use of radios or record players is permitted but the volume must, at all times, be maintained at a level that will not be offensive to other Mauthe Park visitors and neighbors.
      (4)   Disorderly conduct, boisterous or profane language will not be tolerated.
      (5)   The possession or consumption of any alcoholic beverage is prohibited.
      (6)   All parties intending to hire a police officer for security purposes must hire one off-duty Struthers Police Officer at the rate of $25.00 dollars per hour for this purpose.  Contact Struthers Police Department at 755-9849 to make arrangements.
      (7)   For groups larger than 100 the only space available for activities and events is the rotary pavilion and outdoor area.
      (8)   The Park Superintendent will advise and guide persons wanting to rent the multi-purpose room and the park and pavilion for a craft show, craft fair or anything similar on the proper rules and procedures.  The Park Superintendent will then report all plans/arrangements to the Park & Recreation Committee as necessary. Signature will be required after a walk around is completed and before rental agreement.
      (9)   Violation of these regulations, including the maximum occupancy provisions or any of the General Rules and Regulations of Mauthe Park, will be cause for the immediate revocation of the reservation and forfeiture of the reservation fee. If there is a violation of the maximum occupancy, the person (s) who reserved the pavilion may be cited for each violation and, if convicted, shall be punished by a fine of $100.00 per violations, in addition to being cited for any other provision of the Codified Ordinances. For safety of the premises and to protect the Cities best interest security cameras are being used.
   (c)   Cancellations.  Reservations may be cancelled by giving a minimum of ten (10) business days notice to the Auditor's Office.  Refunds will be processed and mailed to the permitee within thirty (30) business days after the cancellation is received.  A cancellation fee of 25% of the rental cost will be assessed. In the event of a cancelation, your deposit will be refunded, if your canceled date is re-rented.
   (d)   Non Discrimination Policy.   It is hereby designated to be the continuing policy of the City of Struthers to do all things necessary and proper to secure for all its residents their right to equal treatment regardless of their race, color, creed, sex, marital status, religious belief, national origin or handicap.
   (e)   Preservation.   Your cooperation in the proper use and preservation of Mauthe Park is requested.
   (f)   Rates. 
      RESIDENT:        $50.00
      NON-RESIDENT:        $75.00
(Ord. 18-014.  Passed 4-25-18.)