(a)   Reservations. 
      (1)   The use of the Struthers Multi-Purpose Center is by reservation only.  One hundred (100) is the maximum number that can be accommodated at one time.  It is suggested that persons considering rental of this facility tour the premises prior to making the reservation.
      (2)   The Multi-Purpose Center may be reserved between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m.; due to park closing at 9:00 p.m.
      (3)   The maximum number of people that can be accommodated at one time is one hundred (100).  No reservation will be accepted for groups in excess of this number, nor will more than this number of people be permitted on the premises.
      (4)   Reservations for children or teenage groups must be made by an adult 21 years of age or older.
      (5)   A non-refundable deposit of $50.00 is required to secure your reservation, which must be made within three (3) business days of the reservation. Balance of $125.00 (Resident)/ $150.00 (Non-Resident) is due 45 days before your event. In the event of a cancelation, your deposit will be refunded, if your canceled date is re-rented.
      (6)   All reservations may be made one year in advance 1st of the month. All reservations must be made at City Hall.
   (b)   General Regulations.
      (1)   Agreement: At the time of payment, you are agreeing to be bound by these guidelines by the General Rules and Regulations of The Multi-Purpose Room of Mauthe Park. A reasonable amount of clean-up by permit holder is expected by the end of the rental time. The permit holder is responsible for damages or incidents, which may occur during their event. Fees may be assessed for damages by the Superintendent and or designee if superintendent is not available. There will be a signed agreement for the walk around that the superintendent gives before reservation.
      (2)   Parties held by children or teenage groups must be attended by not less than one adult chaperone for each twenty-five (25 children or teenagers in attendance).  Chaperones must be parents of the children or teenagers, or, in the event the group has an affiliation with a recognized youth organization. (Y.M.C.A., Girl Scouts, Church, School, etc.), the chaperones may be the adult sponsors or leaders of the group.
      (3)   The group renting the Multi-Purpose Center has the exclusive use of the facilities during the hours of the reservation.  The Multi-Purpose Center may only be used during the day that has been paid for.
      (4)   The Multi-Purpose Center may be decorated during the day reserved only, but no  thumb tacks, nails, command hooks or tape are to be used nor the building be damaged in any way.  ONLY, Sticky tack is permitted. No decorations are to be hung from ceiling or off the pictures in the facility. All decorations must be removed immediately after the party. 
      (5)   Gambling in any form is prohibited.
      (6)   Confetti or rice is not permitted to be used in the building or on the premises.
      (7)   Disorderly conduct, boisterous or profane language will not be tolerated.
      (8)   Once Multi-Purpose Center is opened. The renter must have someone in the Center until the end of the event.  The City is not responsible for any theft of items or personal property.
      (9)   The renter is responsible for cleaning all bottles, cans, and table coverings, and must remove trash from building with the trash bags provided by hall and take out the back/rear door and deposit it in the Dumpster.  Kitchen must also be reasonably clean. Renter must also sweep the facility and be sure that floors are clean.
      (10)   All parties intending to serve alcoholic beverages must hire one off-duty Struthers Police Officer at the rate of $25.00 an hour four hours or less. The possession and consumption of alcoholic beverages is permitted only within the Multi-Purpose Center; whereas the use of alcoholic beverages in the parking lot and lawn areas is prohibited.  The possession and consumption of alcoholic beverages by persons under 21 years of age is prohibited at all times.
      (11)   All parties intending to hire a police officer for security purposes must hire one off-duty Struthers Police Officer at the rate of $25.00 dollars per hour for this purpose.  Contact Struthers Police Department at 755-9849 to make arrangements.
      (12)   All individuals renting or utilizing the Multi-Purpose Building are expected to use and preserve Mauthe Park as outlined in this Ordinance.
      (13)   Violations of these regulations, including the maximum number of attendance permitted in accordance with Section 1, Number 3 of this Ordinance will be cause for the termination of the event in progress and immediate forfeiture of all monies paid. PLEASE NOTE:  The possession of alcohol by any person and/or party goers, without prior City approval Section 10 is STRICTLY PROHIBITED and may result in the filing of criminal charges, including, but not limited to Criminal Trespassing and/or Disorderly Conduct. For safety of the premises and to protect the Cities best interest security cameras are being used.
      (14)   All Struthers City Employees get a one-time discount per year to rent the Struthers Multi-Purpose Center for the fee of $100.00.
      (15)   Absolutely no guns permitted in the multi-purpose room. 
      (16)   The Park Superintendent will advise and guide persons wanting to rent the multi-purpose room and the park and pavilion for a craft show, craft fair or anything similar on the proper rules and procedures.  The Park Superintendent will then report all plans/arrangements to the Park & Recreation Committee as necessary. Signature will be required after a walk around is completed and before rental agreement.
      (17)   If there is a violation of these regulations, the person (s) who reserved the ceter may be cited for each violation and, if convicted, shall be punished by a fine of $100.00 per violation in addition to being cited for violating any other provisions of the Codified Ordinances.
   (c)   Non Discrimination Policy.   It is hereby designated to be the continuing policy of the City of Struthers to do all things necessary and proper to secure for all its residents their right to equal treatment regardless of their race, color, creed, sex, marital status, religious belief, national origin or handicap.
   (d)   Rates.
      $175.00 UP TO SIX (6) HOURS (RESIDENT)
      $200.00 UP TO SIX (6) HOURS (NON-RESIDENT)
      (Ord. 18-006.  Passed 2-14-18.)