(a)    Separate License Required.  A separate license is required for each and every manually operated amusement device which is displayed by any person at any one time, but any licensee may change from the display of one approved manually operated amusement device to the display of another approved manually operated amusement device at any time.
   (b)    Nontransferability.  A license issued under the provisions of this chapter shall not be transferred from one person to another person; but such license may be transferred by the licensee therein named from the place specified in such license to another place owned by such licensee, should the licensee move his business from the address specified in the license to another location.
   (c)    Proximity to School.  No license shall be issued for the display of a manually operated amusement device at a place which is within four hundred feet from any premises occupied by any school building.
   (d)    Display of License. It is the duty of the licensee to conspicuously display the license issued hereunder.
(1955 Code § 927.05)