The following regulations are established governing deliveries, sanitation and maintenance of business places throughout the City.
   (a)    Deliveries.  Any delivery of merchandise to a place of business located within 200 feet of a residential area between the hours of 12:00 midnight and 6:00 a.m. shall be made in such a manner that there shall be no noise made that would disturb the rest and sleep of the neighborhood.
   (b)    Sanitation.  All paper, rubbish and garbage shall be kept in sealed containers with a cover or lid being placed or secured on each container; provided further, each container used for the above purpose shall have inscribed upon it the following notice: "Anyone tampering with trash containers for the purpose of salvaging rubbish or refuse therefrom shall be subject to prosecution and payment of a fine." All containers used for the delivery of milk or ice cream or for the storage of the same shall be sealed at all times and shall not be stored in such a manner as to create a source of breeding flies.
No burning of trash or papers shall be permitted on the premises unless the person or firm utilizes an approved incinerator and burning shall be permitted only between the hours provided by ordinance.
   (c)    Maintenance of Premises.  Where buffer strips have been created, the same shall be seeded.
   (d)    Improper Water Drainage.  All sewers constructed for the control of surface water must be free of debris and cleaned at proper intervals. Downspouts shall be properly connected and manholes located on such premises shall be cleaned at regular intervals.
      (Ord. 4614. Passed 2-21-62.)