(a)   Upon submission of a completed application, the Chief of Police shall issue a permit to any applicant who appears qualified under the qualification standards set forth in Section 709.08, subject to the provisions on disqualification and revocation contained therein.  If a permit is denied, the Chief of Police shall notify the applicant via certified mail to the applicant at the address provided in the application, or by personal service.  For the purposes of an applicant soliciting without a permit under Section 709.05, the denial of a permit will be effective ten (10) days after service. 
   (b)   A permit issued under this Chapter shall expire one year after issuance, or upon such earlier date specified by the Chief of Police if the sales or soliciting contemplated will terminate at an earlier date.  An expired permit may be reissued upon request and without further review if less than one year has elapsed since the date of issue, but its expiration date shall not exceed one year beyond the original date of issue. 
   (c)   The permit shall be issued in paper with an accompanying identification badge.  The badge shall clearly contain the words "Itinerant Sales Permit" or "Registered Solicitor" as indicated, a photograph of the permittee, an expiration date, and such other information as deemed appropriate by the Chief of Police.  The identification badge shall be worn by the permittee on the lapel or shoulder, or on a lanyard, at all times while engaging in the activities authorized by the permit.  No person shall wear or display a permit issued to another person.
   (d)   Permits issued under this Chapter shall not be transferable.
   (e)    The identification badge shall remain the property of the City and shall be surrendered to the Chief of Police upon expiration or revocation of the permit. 
(Ord. 2018-67.  Passed 5-21-18.)