1147.02  USES.
   Within the C-R District the following uses are either permitted as of right, conditionally permitted after obtaining a conditional use certificate or are accessory uses incidental to the principal uses:
   (a)   Permitted Uses.
      (1)   Single-family dwellings.
      (2)   Two-family dwellings.
      (3)   Retail, personal and financial service uses that serve the site residents as well as the City and surrounding area to include restaurants.
      (4)   Professional, administrative or executive offices.
      (5)   Indoor and outdoor recreation/entertainment facilities including but not limited to health and racquet clubs, tennis courts, swimming pools, movie theaters, community theater, etc.
      (6)   Libraries, post office branches.
      (7)   Uses similar in character and in keeping with the intent of the district as determined by the Planning Commission as per Section 1151.04.
      (8)   Accessory uses incidental to the principal use.
(9)   Signs as regulated by Chapter 1159.
   (b)   Conditional Uses.  The Planning Commission may issue conditional zoning certificates for the following uses subject to requirements of Chapter 1153.
      (1)   Day care facilities.
      (2)   Institutions for human/medical care, nursing homes, hospitals, sanitariums, assisted living facilities, independent senior living facilities, child day care centers, and philanthropic institutions.
      (3)   Hotel/motel facilities.
      (4)   Nonprofit charitable/civic organizations, offices/meeting or instructional facilities of the nonprofit, civic organizations.
      (5)   Public utility facilities.
      (6)   Taverns.
   (c)   Accessory Uses.
      (1)   Accessory buildings and uses clearly incidental to the principal uses on the site or lot.
      (2)   Signs as regulated by Chapter 1159.  (Ord. 2018-108.  Passed 9-10-18.)