(a)   Whenever the Zoning Compliance Officer determines that high grass has become a public nuisance pursuant to Section 523.01(k)(1)(B), the Zoning Compliance Officer shall cause abatement pursuant to the terms of this section.
   (b)   Upon observing high grass in violation of Section 523.01(k)(1)B. on any lands located within the City of Stow, the Zoning Compliance Officer shall serve written notice upon the property owner, property owner’s authorized agent or representative of said property to abate the nuisance within seven (7) calendar days of notice by posting a notice on the property in a conspicuous manner directing abatement.
   (c)   The notice requirements set forth in subsection (b) herein shall be provided for every property found in violation of Section 523.01(k)(1)B. after the first violation in any calendar year and only once per calendar year. Subsequent violations of Section 523.01(k)(1)B. shall be summarily abated by the Zoning Compliance Officer.
   (d)   Costs of abatements performed under this section shall be recouped by the City pursuant to Section 523.09 of this code. 
(Ord. 2006-149.  Passed 10-12-06.)