The Director of Finance shall have been a qualified elector and a resident of this City for at least one year immediately prior to the last date on which his/her declaration of candidacy or nominating petition may be filed and shall continue to be a qualified elector and resident therein during his/her term.
   The Director of Finance shall have knowledge of municipal accounting, taxation, budgets and financial control, and shall hold a minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree in accounting, finance, economics or public administration from an accredited college or university, and have had at least five years management experience in accounting or finance from any of the following: corporate, business, municipal, county or federal entity prior to his/her election.
   The Director of Finance’s office shall be in City Hall and the Director of Finance shall devote full time and effort during business hours, and other such times as are necessary, to properly conduct the business of this municipality.
   The Director of Finance shall hold no other elected office while employed as an elected official of the City. (Amended 11-2-10)