In the event of the death, resignation, recall or removal of the Mayor, the members of City Council shall elect any Stow resident who meets the Charter's qualifications to serve as Mayor until a successor is elected at the next general or special election for such purpose. Said Mayor shall not forfeit said Mayor's Council office; however Council, by majority vote shall appoint any Stow resident who meets the Charter's qualifications to assume the Mayor's councilmanic duties and privileges while said Mayor serves in the office of Mayor. Provided, however, if a general election shall be further removed than one year from the date of such vacancy, a special election to fill the office of Mayor for the remaining unexpired term shall be held within 6 months from the date of such vacancy and the Mayor shall serve until such special election is held and an elected successor is qualified in office, which shall be by assuming office within 10 days after certification of election from the County Board of Elections. The Mayor may succeed himself/herself, if so elected by the electorate, for the remaining unexpired original term. (Amended 11-5-68; 3-17-20)