§ 51.04 PERMIT FEE.
   The fee for a permit to construct sewers and drains or to lay pipes to connect with any sewers or drain built in any of the streets, alleys or avenues of the village shall be $150 in each case. Permission shall not be granted, except upon the agreement, in writing, of the person or persons applying therefor, that the applicants will comply with the ordinances in relation to excavating the streets and they will indemnify the village for damages or cost to which it may be put by reason of injuries resulting from neglect or carelessness in performing the work so permitted. No claim will be made by them or their successors in interest against the village or for exemption from any assessment lawfully imposed for constructing sewers and drains in the vicinity of their property.
(Prior Code, § 51.04) (Ord. 88-8, passed 2-27-1989) Penalty, see § 51.99