All materials and equipment, except as provided for in §§ 155.146 through 155.420, shall be stored within a building or fully screened rear yard so as not to be visible from adjoining properties, except for the following:
   (A)   Clothesline poles and wires (except in front yards and the setback portion of the side yard abutting a public street);
   (B)   Not more than two recreational vehicles and equipment as described in § 155.009;
   (C)   Construction and landscaping materials currently being used on the premises;
   (D)   Rear or side yard storage of firewood for the purpose of consumption only by the person or persons on whose property it is stored;
   (E)   Off-street parking of currently registered and operable passenger vehicles and trucks not exceeding a gross capacity of 12,000 pounds in residential areas;
   (G)   Lawn furniture or furniture used and constructed primarily for outdoor use; and
   (F)   Agricultural equipment and material, if they are used or intended for use on the premises.
(Ord. 110, passed 11-15-97; Am. Ord. 0204, passed 8-13-02: Am. Ord. 0605, passed 7-25-06; Am. Ord. 0802, passed 3-11-08; Am. Ord. 0903, passed 10-27-09; Am. Ord. 1003, passed 6-8-10; Am. Ord. 1401, passed 1-28-14; Am. Ord. 1704, passed 10-24-17) Penalty, see § 155.999