§ 36.045 WHO MUST FILE.
   The following classes of officers and employees of the city and city agencies shall file an annual statement of financial interests with the Board of Ethics:
   (A)   Elected city officials;
   (B)   Candidates for elected city office;
   (C)   Officers and employees who hold policymaking positions, including members of municipal boards, such as the Board of Ethics, boards of adjustment, code enforcement boards, economic development boards and parks and recreation boards; and
   (D)   Nonelected officers and employees of the city or any city agency whose actual duties involve the negotiation, authorization, or approval of contracts, leases, franchises, revocable consents, concessions, variances, special permits, or licenses: the purchase, sale, rental, or lease of real property, personal property, or services, or a contact for any of these and the obtaining of grants of money of loans.
(Ord. 94-10, passed 11-22-94; Am. Ord. 20-07, passed 9-22-20)