§ 36.032 SOCIAL MEDIA.
   (A)   City officials, including members of boards, commissions, etc. can maintain a personal presence on social media. However, to be considered personal, there can be no mention of their status as a city official. Any mention of their status as a city official potentially changes the nature of the page, requiring record keeping in accordance with the Kentucky Department of Library and Archives retention schedule and subjecting the entire page to open records requests.
   (B)   Elected city officials who want to interact with the community on social media in their role as city official are required to maintain a separate account City officials will notify the City Clerk of any official pages(s) utilized. The city clerk will maintain an update list of official pages of city officials.
   (C)   City officials shall conduct themselves professionally and as a representative of the city.
   (D)   Elected city official pages shall clearly indicate that any content posted or submitted for posting is subject to public disclosure. Additionally, guidelines, if any, shall be posted conspicuously on the page.
   (E)   No comments shall be deleted unless in violation of posted guidelines. Deleted comments shall be provided to the City Clerk and must be saved for one year.
   (F)   City official shall not conduct city business through their social media sites. If receiving a specific request from a citizen, the city official shall state: “Thank you for your question. Please email me at (official e-mail address) or contact me at (phone number). I look forward to speaking with you.”
   (G)   City employee are bound by the city's social media policies in the City of St Matthews Employee Handbook.
   (H)   City official shall maintain an official e-mail address and shall provide the email address to the City Clerk. This must be separate from their personal email account.
   (I)   No city business shall occur through a personal email account.
   (J)   City officials shall retain emails according to the Kentucky Department of Library and Archives schedule for email. City official shall direct any record keeping questions to the City Clerk.
(Ord. 20-07, passed 9-22-20)