(A)   An officer or employee shall not accept any employment or enter any contracts that result in a conflict of interest with his or her duties as an officer or employee of the city.
   (B)   An employee of the city may be self-employed or may take occasional or part-time jobs, if in the opinion of his or her supervisor and the mayor, there is no conflict with working hours, the employee’s efficiency in his or her city work or other interest of the city.
   (C)   Employee wishing to take off-duty employment shall have the written approval of their supervisor and the mayor.
   (D)   Employees or officers holding management level position shall notify the mayor prior to creating, contracting with, or being employed by any agency or business firm other than the city for their written approval.
   (E)   City employment shall remain the first priority and if at any time the outside employment interferes with an employee’s job requirements or performance for the city, the employee shall be required to modify the conditions of the outside employment or terminate either the off-duty employment or his or her city employment.
(Ord. 20-07, passed 9-22-20)