Methods. The Designated Officials shall submit, at least quarterly, an investment report that summarizes recent market conditions, economic developments and anticipated investment conditions. The report shall summarize the investment strategies employed in the most recent quarter, and describe the portfolio in terms of investment securities, maturities, risk characteristics and other features. The report shall explain the quarter's total investment return and compare the return with budgetary expectations. The report shall include an appendix that discloses all transactions during the past quarter. The report shall be in compliance with Kentucky law and shall be distributed to the investment committee and others as required by law. Each quarterly report shall indicate any areas of policy concern and suggested or planned revision of investment strategies. Copies shall be transmitted to the independent auditor. Within 40 days of the end of the fiscal year, the Designated Officials shall present a comprehensive annual report on the investment program and investment activity. The annual report shall include both 12-month and quarterly comparisons of return and shall suggest policies and improvements that might be made in the investment program. Alternatively, this report may be included within the city's Comprehensive Annual Financial Report.
(Ord. 19-11, passed 9-10-19)