779.03  FEES.
   (a)   For the continuance, maintenance and improvement of the police protection services by the City there is hereby imposed upon the users thereof, that is to say, upon the occupants of each residential premise a monthly fee of five dollars ($5.00) and for each manufacturing plant and each business premise a monthly fee of six dollars ($6.00).
   (b)   The owners of all businesses and manufacturing plants and the head of the household of each residence shall be responsible for the payment of the charges and monthly bills shall be rendered to the persons, firms and corporations.  The fee shall not apply to unoccupied rental units or rental dwelling houses.
   (c)   The Recorder shall be responsible for preparing and mailing the bills and may include the charges on the monthly water bills rendered by the City to all persons, firms and corporations who are users of the special service of police protection and who are also users of the City water facilities; to all other users of the special service of police protection separate billings shall be made at the same time as water bills.
   (d)   The fees or charges shall be paid at the office of the Recorder and the failure of any such user to receive a bill or statement of the fee or charge shall in no manner impair or affect the validity of the charge or the City's right to collect the same.
   (e)   If the fee or charge is not paid within twenty days following the billing date, a penalty of ten percent shall be added thereto and collected from the user.
(Ord. 2019-03.  Passed 3-21-19.)