Hotel Occupancy Tax
770.01   Definitions.
770.02   Imposition and levy of tax; exceptions; rate.
770.03   Collection.
770.04   Occupancy billed to government agencies or employees.
770.05   Collection of tax when sale on credit.
770.06   Receivership bankruptcy; priority of tax.
770.07   Failure to collect or remit tax; liability of hotel operator.
770.08   Total amount collected to be remitted.
770.09   Interest and penalties.
770.10   Records.
770.11   Cessation of business.
770.12   Assessment of tax when  insufficiently returned.
770.13   Notice of assessment; petition for reassessment.
770.14   Hearing procedure;  administrative decision.
770.15   Appeals to circuit court.
770.16   Tax constitutes debt due City.
770.17   Injunction.
770.18   Records; limitations on  assessments. (Reserved)
770.19   Refunds. (Reserved)
770.20   Administration and enforcement. (Reserved)
770.21   Use of tax money by the City.
770.99   Penalty.