The following performance standards shall apply to uses in all districts except the I-1 and I-2 Districts, which have their own standards outlined in §§ 155.010 through 155.170. Uses in this district shall be such that they:
   (A)   Generate no noise that exceeds the level of ordinary conversation at the boundaries of the lot.  Short intermittent noise peaks may be excepted if they do not exceed normal traffic noise peaks at any point on the lot boundaries.
   (B)   Emit no obnoxious, toxic, or corrosive fumes or gases except for those produced by internal combustion engines under design operating conditions.
   (C)   Emit no odorous gases or other odorous matter in such quantities as to be perceptible at or beyond any point on the lot boundaries, provided that any process which may involve the creation or emission of any odors shall be provided with a secondary safeguard system, so that control will be maintained if the primary safeguard system should fail.
   (D)   Emit no smoke greater than that emitted by properly operating domestic heating equipment.
   (E)   Discharge into the air no dust or other particulate matter created by any industrial operation or emanating from any products stored prior or subsequent to processing.
   (F)   Produce no heat or glare humanly perceptible at or beyond the lot boundaries.
   (G)   Produce no physical vibrations humanly perceptible at or beyond the lot boundaries.
   (H)   Produce no electromagnetic radiation or radioactive emission injurious to human beings, animals or vegetation, or of an intensity that interferes with the lawful use of any other property.
   (I)   Do not engage in the production or storage of any material designed for use as an explosive nor in the use of such material in production.
   (J)   Do not by their particular location hinder the residential function of residential streets through generation of non-residential type and high-volume traffic over these streets.
(Ord. 616, passed 9-23-2013)