The following requirements shall apply in the P District:
   (A)   In order to be eligible for the affixing of this district, the site must bear a residential district designation and be immediately adjacent to the principal use to which the parking is to be accessory, which principal use must be in a nonresidential zoning district.
   (B)   Front yard requirements as well as streets side yard requirements are the same as those of the residential district in which the site was classified in accord with division (A) immediately above.
   (C)   Screening shall be provided to a height of four feet by a solid, uniformly finished wall or fence, or by a combination of wire fence and plant materials.  The screening shall be placed wherever a P district is bounded by a public way on which fronting property on either or both sides of the P District is zoned residentially.
   (D)   Pedestrian and/or vehicular access shall not be permitted from any land or any public way which requires screening in accord with division (C) immediately above.
   (E)   Parking areas shall be improved in accordance with section § 155.343.
(Ord. 616, passed 9-23-2013)