(A)   No repairs or service to vehicles and no display for purposes of sale shall be carried on or permitted upon such premises.
   (B)   A minimum space dimensions of ten feet wide and 20 feet deep shall be provided for each vehicle parking space; each space shall be definitely designated and reserved for parking purposes; each space shall be accessible separately from a street; each parking area shall be so designed and marked as to provide for orderly and safe movement and storage of vehicles.
   (C)   Except for parking spaces provided on residential lots, an access drive shall be provided. Complying with the minimum requirements shown in table 13-1.
   (D)   Except for parking spaces provided on residential lots, no parking area shall be constructed less than 1,000 square feet in area.
   (E)   Parking areas shall be covered with a pavement having an asphalt or Portland cement binder and shall be graded and provided with adequate drainage facilities in compliance with the City of St. Johns Drain Code.  Curb and gutter shall be provided around the perimeter of the parking area.
   (F)   When lighting facilities are used, they shall be so arranged that any light source shall not be visible from any point beyond the parking area lot lines.
   (G)   Landscaping, fences and walls shall be provided in conformance with §§ 155.295 through 155.304 of this chapter.
   (H)   No signs shall be erected on the premises, except one at each of the points of ingress and egress, and such sign may bear the name of the operator of the lot and the enterprise it is intended to serve.  Such signs shall not exceed ten square feet in area and an overall height of ten feet.  However, signs for the orderly and safe movement of pedestrian and vehicular traffic in the parking area may be used as required.
   (I)   Curb blocks are prohibited.
   (J)   The Planning Commission may modify the above standards when a demonstrated need is documented by the applicant and the Planning Commission determines that the proposed alternative complies with the intent of this chapter.
(Ord. 616, passed 9-23-2013)