A storm water drainage utility charge shall be charged to each residential and commercial or industrial use. Storm water utility charges shall be collected in conjunction with other city utility charges. Storm water utility connection charges shall be as set forth in the annual fee schedule for each equivalent residential unit (ERU). ERU shall be determined by § 51.15 of this code of ordinances and shall be payable with building permits. All fees shall be just and equitable and in accordance with M.S. §§ 444.075 et seq., as they may be amended from time to time.
(Ord. 79, passed 12-15-2004; Ord. 100, passed 11-9-2007; Ord. 101, passed 11-14-2007; Ord. 101A, passed 12-5-2012; Ord. 101B, passed 3-5-2014)