A.   Composition: The planning and zoning commission shall be composed of a minimum of five (5) members, who shall be residents of the town. A member of the town council shall not be permitted to serve as a member of this commission.
   B.   Appointment: The members of the planning and zoning commission shall be appointed by the mayor, subject to the approval of the town council.
   C.   Terms; Termination: These appointments shall be for a period of three (3) years each, with the terms of members so staggered that the terms of no more than three (3) members shall expire in any one year. The term of all members shall extend until their successors are qualified, provided however, three (3) successive unexcused or unexplained absences from any regular or special meeting shall be grounds for termination at the will and pleasure of the appointing authority, without the necessity of a hearing or notice and such action shall be final.
   D.   Quorum: A majority of commission members shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business. The affirmative vote of a majority of commission members shall be required for passage of any matter before the planning and zoning commission. In this connection, the minutes of the meeting shall reflect the ayes and nays cast on a particular measure and shall reflect the vote of each member present. A member may abstain from voting only upon declaration that he or she has a conflict of interest, in which case such member shall take no part in the deliberations on the matter in question. (Ord. O 11-01, 9-20-2011)