A.   Maximum Velocity: Ground vibration measured at the boundary of an industry shall not exceed 0.01 inches per second (0.0025 meters per second) RMS velocity.
   B.   Method Of Measurement: Vibration measurement procedures shall conform to the methods described in this section or to procedures approved by the Arizona department of environmental quality.
      1.   Instrumentation shall be capable of measuring RMS value of the vibration velocity over the frequency range of ten (10) to one thousand (1,000) Hz.
      2.   Measurement values shall be recorded for a sufficient period of observation to provide a representative sample.
      3.   Attachment of the vibration transducer to the ground shall be by magnetic screw attachment to a steel bar of a minimum of nine inches (9") (22.9 cm) in length, driven flush with the ground surface.
   C.   Exemptions: The rules of this section shall not apply to:
      1.   Vibration resulting from the operation of any equipment or facility of a surface carrier engaged in interstate commerce by railroad.
      2.   Vibration resulting from the operation of any road vehicle.
      3.   Vibration resulting from roadway maintenance and repair equipment. (2006 Code)