(a)    If any individual or corporation desires to have, distribute or consume nonintoxicating beer or alcoholic liquor in a public place within the corporate limits of the City such individual or organization shall apply to the Chief of Police or his duly authorized representative for a permit therefor at least three days prior to the date scheduled for using such beverages. No fee shall be charged for granting such permit.
   (b)    A permit shall be issued only upon the following conditions:
      (1)    Such individual or organization by its duly authorized officer shall agree in writing, to assume full responsibility for supervising the conduct of the group or individuals benefitting from such permit and to properly clean up and restore the premises, after use, to its prior condition.
      (2)    Such individual or organization shall further agree, in writing, that adequate precautions shall be taken to insure that minors will not be served or allowed to consume nonintoxicating beer or alcoholic liquor at the permitted event or gathering.
      (3)    No nonintoxicating beer or alcoholic liquor shall be distributed or consumed other than on the specified premises described in the permit and only during the time stated therein.
      (4)    No permit shall be issued to any individual or organization which has previously been issued a permit and has failed to comply with the provisions hereof during the period of one year prior to application for permit.
      (5)    No permit shall be issued for consumption of nonintoxicating beer or alcoholic liquor upon the property under the jurisdiction of the City Parks and Recreation Commission in violation of any promulgated rule of the Commission.
         (Ord. 80-1. Passed 1-21-80.)