No person shall set up, promote or be concerned in managing or drawing a lottery or raffle for money or other thing of value; knowingly permit such lottery in any house under his control; knowingly permit money or other property to be raffled for in such house or to be won therein by throwing or using dice or by any other game of chance; knowingly permit the sale in such house of any chance or ticket, or share of a ticket in a lottery, or any writing, certificate, bill, token or other device purporting or intended to guarantee or assure to any person or to entitle him to a prize, or a share of or interest in a prize to be drawn in a lottery. No person shall for himself or any other person, buy, sell, transfer or have in his possession for the purpose of sale or with intent to exchange, negotiate or transfer, or aid in selling, exchanging, negotiating or transferring a chance or ticket, or a share of a ticket, in a lottery or any such writing, certificate, bill, token or device. However, this section shall not be deemed to apply to that certain type or form of lottery or raffle designated and familiarly known as "policy" or "numbers".
(WVaC 61-10-11;  1967 Code §14-12)
   No person shall be guilty of violating the provisions of this section or punished for a violation thereof who is licensed by the State to sell lottery tickets and who sells such lottery tickets in accordance with the applicable laws of the State and the Constitution of the State.
(Ord. 86-3.  Passed 2-18-86.)