No person shall keep or exhibit a gaming table, commonly called an A.B.C. or E.O. table, faro bank, keno table, or any slot machine, multiple coin console machine, multiple coin console slot machine or device in the nature of a slot machine, or any other gaming table or device of like kind, under any denomination or which has no name, whether the game, table, bank, machine or device is played with cards, dice or otherwise, or be a partner, or concerned in interest, in keeping or exhibiting such table, bank, machine or gaming device of any character.  Any such table, faro bank, machine or gaming device, and all money staked or exhibited to allure persons to bet at such table or upon such gaming device, may be seized by order of the Police Court and the money so seized shall be forfeited to the City and paid into the City Treasury and the table, faro bank, machine or gaming device shall be completely destroyed.  However, the provisions of this section shall not extend to coin-operated nonpayout machines with free play features or to automatic weighing, measuring, musical and vending machines which are so constructed as to give a certain uniform and fair return in value or services for each coin deposited therein and in which there is no element of chance.
(WVaC 61-10-1)