1505.05  ACCESS BOX(ES).
   The AHJ shall have the authority to require an access box(es) to be installed in an accessible location where access to or within a structure or area is difficult because of security. The access box(es) shall be an approved type listed in accordance with UL 1037.
   WHEREAS, many properties are equipped with automatic alarm systems and/or sprinkler/standpipe systems, and these automatic systems may cause the Fire Department to be summoned at a time when the building or business is not occupied or when the occupant is not available to provide immediate entry for the fire department; and
   WHEREAS, the City of St. Albans wishes to prevent damage from forcible entry into
structures and provide swift entry into structures by the Fire Department; and
   WHEREAS, the National Fire Protection Code Fire Code 1 Chapter 18, Section and the West Virginia State Fire Code Title 87 by acceptance of NFPA 1 may require certain occupancies to maintain a Rapid Access System as prescribed by the Authority
Having Jurisdiction, the City of St. Albans finds a need to establish such a Rapid Entry System for the City of St. Albans.
   (a)   Commercial Buildings Requiring a Rapid Entry System, Hereby Referred to as Knox Box Will be:
      (1)   Any building with an automatic alarm system monitored or nonmonitored by a third party which may cause the Fire Department to be summoned at a time when the building or business is not occupied or when the occupant is not available to provide immediate entry for the fire department.
      (2)   Any building with an automatic sprinkler system. To maintain security and ensure the highest standards are met, the ordinance will require the Knox brand key access box which has completed the standard certifications set forth by UL1037, UL1610, UL1332 and UL437.
   (b)   Locations for Which the Knox Box Shall Be Installed Are:
      (1)   Unless otherwise specified by the St. Albans Fire Department Bureau of Fire Prevention, the key box shall be installed adjacent to the main entrance to the structure and shall be installed at a height no less than thirty-six inches (36") from walking grade and no greater than seventy-two inches (72") from walking grade at the installation location.
   (c)   Key Box Contents: The key boxes shall contain items designated by the Fire Official, including, but not limited to:
      (1)   Labeled keys to locked points of entry/egress, whether in interior or exterior of such buildings.
      (2)   Labeled keys to the locked mechanical rooms.
      (3)   Labeled keys to any fence or secured areas not previously covered.
      (4)   Labeled keys to any other areas that may be required by the Fire Official.
      (5)   A card containing the emergency contact people and phone numbers for each occupancy. This card should contain day/night contact information for not less than two individuals. This card should contain the date of the last update or review.
      (6)   All keys and information shall be kept current.
   (d)   Key Placement Procedure: Upon proper installation as outlined by the manufacturer in the order/installation packet, the Responsible Party or his/her designee must call the St. Albans Fire Department Bureau of Fire Prevention to schedule a time when the appropriate item(s) outlined in subsection (c).
   (e)   Timeframe for Compliance: Existing commercial occupancies requiring a Knox box will have 18 months from the passing of this ordinance to comply. New commercial occupancies who require a Knox box based on the above requirements, shall have the order placed for the box prior to the issuance of a city business license.
   (f)   Non-Compliant: Commercial occupancies not complying with this ordinance will subject the responsible party to the penalties of City of St. Albans Codified Ordinance 1505.04 Issuance of Citations for Fire and Safety Violations.
   (g)   Building Owner Options for the Key Access Box(es) Are The:
      (1)   Knox brand 3200
      (2)   Knox brand 4400 Single Lock Access
   (h)   Ordering Instructions/information:
      (1)   Included in packet.
   (i)   Installation Instructions/Product Specifications:
      (1)   Included in packet.
         (Ord.  2019-09.  Passed 10-21-19.)