Vacating, Closing, Removal or Demolition of Structures
1712.01   Purpose and scope.
1712.02   Definitions.
1712.03   Closing and removal of unsafe structures.
1712.04   Inspection.
1712.05   Correction of unsafe conditions.
1712.06   Relief from order of corrective action.
1712.07   Owner responsibility for costs.
1712.08   Civil action for corrective action and recovery of costs.
1712.09   Notices.
1712.10   Absolute defense.
   As amended and reenacted- see W.Va. Code §8-12-13 and §8-12-16. Ordinances regulating the repair, alteration, improvement, closing, demolition, etc., of structures, dwellings or buildings that are unsafe, unsanitary, dangerous or detrimental to the public safety or welfare; procedures
State building code; enforcement agency- see W.Va. Code §29-Sb-3
Rules of civil procedure- see W.Va. Code 4(d)(l)(D)
Definitions- see 87CSR-7-2
Class II legal advertisement- see W.Va. Code §59-2-3
State Fire Marshal- See W.Va. Code §29-12-3