(a)    No person, group of persons, or organizations shall conduct or participate in any assemblage upon any traffic upon any street, highway, or alley in the City other than the listed exceptions, without first obtaining a permit signed by the Mayor and the Chief of Police. The Mayor and Chief of Police may determine assemblage applications on certain streets, highways, or alleys cannot completely be closed to traffic due to high traffic volume or inconvenience to area residents and motorists.
   (b)    Applications for such permit shall be made on such forms as may be prescribed and shall contain such information as is reasonably necessary to a fair determination of whether a permit should be issued. Information on the application will include an approximate number of participants and the location of the assemblage.
   (c)    Applications shall be filed not less than three (3) working days before the beginning of the planned assemblage. Applicants will be required to produce proof of insurance for their event.
   (d)    Additional permits may have to be obtained from the State of West Virginia for any assemblage upon any road or highway controlled by the State of West Virginia.
   (e)    All assemblages will begin and end between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m.
   (f)    Any assemblage must meet all requirements for traffic diversion as required in Section 511.04 .
(Ord. 2015-05. Passed 5-4-15.)