Any violation of Tenn. Code Ann. Title 29, Ch. 9, shall constitute the offense of contempt of the City Court. Such contempt shall be punishable by fine in the amount of $50, or such lesser amount as may be imposed at the Judge’s discretion, plus Court costs and litigation taxes. Offenders shall be given an opportunity to purge the contempt in a subsequent hearing after being served by certified mail, return receipt requested or other form of personal service, a notice and order to show cause. The Clerk of the Court shall be authorized to charge a separate $35 fee for the administrative costs associated with the scheduling, notice and adjudication of the contempt case, in addition to any other applicable costs. The power to punish under this section may not be used against any person who fails to appear for parking violations.
(Ord. 14-17, passed 5-19-2014)
Statutory reference:
   Related provisions, see Tenn. Code Ann. § 29-9-108(a)(3)