When and if any driveway is no longer used for driveway purposes, it shall be considered abandoned and the City reserves and shall have the right to forthwith take the necessary steps to close such driveway, replace the curb and restore the pavement to its original condition.  The owner of the property served by such driveway shall be notified by personal service or registered mail of the City's intention to close such driveway.  After thirty days from the date of such notice, if the owner has failed to make such replacement or to contact the Ciy Engineer, the City Manager may order the City Engineer to close such driveway, replace such curb and restore such pavement to its original condition.  Cost of such work shall be charged against the abutting property and, if not paid, shall be certified to the proper taxing authority for collection in such manner as provided by law as a special assessment.
(Ord. 96-360.  Passed 10-29-96.)