(a)   The Chief of Police, within his territorial jurisdiction, upon complaint of any person adversely affected, may order into storage any motor vehicle, other than an abandoned junk motor vehicle as defined in Section 357.04, which has been left on private property for more than seventy-two hours without the permission of the person having the right to the possession of the property. The Chief, upon complaint of the owner of a repair garage or place of storage, may order into storage any motor vehicle other than an abandoned junk motor vehicle which has been left at the garage or place of storage for a longer period than that agreed upon. The place of storage shall be designated by the Chief.
   (b)   The owner of the motor vehicle may reclaim it upon payment of any expenses or charges incurred in its removal and storage, and presentation of proof of ownership, which may be evidence by a certificate of title to the motor vehicle. If the motor vehicle remains unclaimed by the owner for thirty days, the procedures established by Sections 357.03 and 357.05 shall apply.
(Ord. 98-1974. Passed 12-9-74.)