A Phase I plan shall be acted upon by the Planning Board provided the applicant has paid to the City an Engineering Review fee of Seven Hundred Fifty Dollars ($750.00) and the following applicable items have been submitted to the board 20 working days prior to the meeting.  Plats located within the three-mile area should be submitted 20 working days prior to the County Planning Commission meeting.  Plans shall be submitted in the form and with the number of copies prescribed by the Director of Community Development.
   (a)   The subdivider should deliver all required Phase I submittals in good order to the Planning Board's staff no later than 20 working days preceding the regularly scheduled meeting of the board. Test hole results of the preliminary soil evaluation as required by Section 1205.02(d) shall be submitted to the Clark County Combined Health District, when necessary, whichever is applicable, and the Planning Board's staff at the time of or prior to submission of the Phase I plan.
   (b)   Plat Copies.  Within one working day after receiving the Phase I plat and accompanying items, the staff will refer one copy of the plan to the Service Department for review of improvement plan; local school district, where involved, for report on school site requirements; and other applicable agencies and departments.
   (c)   Preparation of Specific Information.  Within seven working days after receiving the plat, each official listed in Section 1213.01(b) above, is requested to prepare and present to the Planning Board's staff a written report containing specific information concerning his conclusions and recommendations on the plat.  The plat may be considered acceptable by the officials involved if their replies are not received by the Planning Board's staff in the prescribed time.
   (d)   Mailing of Report.  The staff will prepare the report on the plat, which will be mailed to the members of the Planning Board on the Friday preceding the scheduled hearing.
      (Ord. 05-233.  Passed 9-6-05.)