1367.22  EXCEPTIONS.
   (a)   The provisions of this chapter, relative to examinations and licenses shall not apply to public utilities, public institutions, governmental buildings, nor to mercantile, commercial or industrial plants, which maintain departments for installation, maintenance and repair of plumbing in or on their respective premises or plant, under expert supervision in conformity with the laws of the State and the provisions prescribed in this chapter relative to sanitation and plumbing, unless the person with expert qualifications who supervises or is in charge of such maintenance department has first made an application for a maintenance license.  The maintenance license application shall include a fee sixty-five dollars ($65.00), which shall be paid to the Clark County Combined Health District, shall be made in writing upon application forms prescribed by the Health Commissioner for such purpose and shall contain the name, residence, address and place of business of the applicant, the length of time he has worked at plumbing work or has been engaged in the business of plumbing and an agreement to abide by the laws, ordinances, rules and regulations governing plumbing work in the City, then in force or thereafter established.  The maintenance license shall expire on December 31 of each year, and shall be renewed annually upon the payment of the fee of sixty-five dollars ($65.00) to the Clark County Combined Health District.  No reduction shall be made for any part of the year having elapsed at the time such license is applied for.  If the Plumbing Inspector finds any such plumbing to be contrary to this chapter relative to sanitation and plumbing, and the person responsible for such violation of the law refuses to rectify the conditions complained of, the Plumbing Inspector is authorized to refuse permission for further work on same or the use thereof until such improper plumbing installation or repair work has been corrected and made to comply with the provisions as prescribed in this Plumbing Code.  However, no plumbing installation work shall be done by any maintenance department until a permit to do such work has been obtained as required in this chapter.
   (b)   This chapter shall not apply to departments, branches, service units or buildings of the Federal, State and municipal governments, but Federal, State and municipal governments are requested and urged to follow the local custom and procedure of employing properly licensed plumbers on all public housing projects, or to an individual person installing plumbing in accordance with the provisions prescribed in this Plumbing Code, in a one-, two- and/or three-family dwelling used exclusively for residential purposes, on premises owned by such individual, provided such person secures a permit therefor, from the Plumbing Inspector.  A permit for such plumbing work shall be granted by the Plumbing Inspector upon the filing of an affidavit that all such work shall be constructed and installed by such person without the help or hire of others, and such permit shall be conditioned upon the approval of such work, at its completion by the Plumbing Inspector, provided that nothing herein shall be construed as a waiver of the provisions prescribed in this Plumbing Code relative to sanitation and plumbing.
   (c)   Persons licensed as plumbing contractors under Chapter 4740 of the Ohio Revised Code and not licensed under Chapter 4740 of the Ohio Revised Code as a heating, ventilating and air conditioning contractor or a refrigeration contractor, or an electrical contractor or a hydraulics contractor are regulated under Chapter 1367 of the Codified Ordinances as to their operations as plumbing contractors and are exempt from the regulation and licensing requirements under Sections 1367.03, 1367.05, 1367.06, 1367.08, 1367.09, 1367.10, 1367.11, and 1367.15 of this Chapter only as to their operations as plumbing contractors which require a license under Chapter 4740 of the Ohio Revised Code.
(Ord. 03-353.  Passed 10-28-03.)