(a)   The Plumbers Examining Board is authorized and empowered to prepare, conduct, supervise and grade examinations, written, oral or demonstrative, as to matters involving average practical plumbing practice, of applicants for plumbers' licenses; and, without discrimination, to prescribe the scope, extent and standards of all such examinations.  An applicant for journeyman plumber's license shall be examined with respect to this practical knowledge and mechanical ability to perform any such work.  Such Board may determine that a journeyman plumber’s examination given by another political subdivision is equivalent to the examination prepared by the Board and may accept successful completion of any such equivalent examination as satisfactory proof of the competency of an applicant for a journeyman plumber’s license.  Such Board shall have further power and authority to approve applications for any form of license herein provided for; to disapprove any such application either for failure to satisfactorily pass an examination; and, in the event of a violation of any of the provisions of this chapter or any related ordinance or law, to revoke any plumber's license previously granted by the City; and shall have power and authority to prescribe and enforce such rules, regulations and procedure with respect to its own operation and to the approval or disapproval of applications for plumber's license as it shall deem proper and as are not in conflict with this chapter.
   (b)   Such Board shall have the power and authority to approve or disapprove new materials and fixtures that may from time to time be presented to it.
(Ord. 03-353.  Passed 10-28-03.)