The Landmarks Commission shall have the following duties in addition to those otherwise specified in this chapter:
   (a)   The Landmarks Commission shall function to improve the quality of life in this City by striving to further and achieve the spirit and purpose of this chapter.
      (Ord. 84-549.  Passed 11-13-84.)
   (b)   The Landmarks Commission shall conduct or cause to be conducted or assist in the conduct of a continuing survey of all structures, works of art, objects or areas of architectural, historic or aesthetic interest in the City of Springfield, which the Landmarks Commission believes, on the basis of information available or presented to it, are or will be eligible for designation for the Local Register of Historic Properties and/or the National Register as a listed property or as a historic district.
      (Ord. 85-485.  Passed 9-10-85.)
   (c)   The Landmarks Commission shall work for the continuing education of the citizens of Springfield with respect to the architectural and historic heritage of the City and the listed properties and historic districts designated under the provisions of this chapter, and shall make every effort to improve the overall design and environmental awareness of the people.
   (d)   The Landmarks Commission shall keep a current register of all listed properties and historic districts.  All listed properties shall be given a number, a description accompanied by a photograph, and the reasons for the listing.  All historic districts shall also be given a number, a description and representative photographs including streetscapes, a map outlining the boundaries and the reasons for listing.  This register shall be made available to the public and to any other interested party, and shall be located in the Department of Community Development.
      (Ord. 94-368.  Passed 10-11-94.)
   (e)   The Landmarks Commission shall work cooperatively with planners, developers, the City, and others in long-range planning efforts to insure the inclusion of historic preservation values in such planning efforts.
   (f)   The City shall seek the recommendation of the Landmarks Commission on all planning and development matters affecting designated or potential listed properties and historic districts.
   (g)   The Landmarks Commission shall establish criteria, rules and regulations not otherwise included in this chapter for evaluating applications of Certificates of Appropriateness submitted to it and the manner in which they shall be processed.  These criteria shall include specific considerations to be given the building materials, landscaping, signs, lighting and architectural style of the listed properties.
   (h)   The Landmarks Commission may make recommendations to the City Commission for additions or revisions to this chapter.
   (i)   The Landmarks Commission may delegate such ministerial duties to the Inspection Services Division of the Department of Community Development as the Landmarks Commission deems necessary to enable the Landmarks Commission to carry out its duties under this chatper.  In addition, the Landmarks Commission may employ on a permanent or part time basis technical experts and such other employees as may be required to perform its duties, within the appropriations made available therefor, and with the approval of the City Commission.
      (Ord. 94-139.  Passed 4-19-94.)
   (j)   The Landmarks Commission shall participate in the National Register process in the following manner:
      Properties that appear to meet the criteria, or that have been determined eligible for listing in the National Register by the Secretary of the Interior, shall be nominated by the Landmarks Commission or any interested person to the National Register using the criteria and designation procedures of Section 1321.07 and the Department of the Interior.
      The Landmarks Commission shall review all National Register nominations for properties within its jurisdiction.
      (1)   When National Register reviews are on the agenda for Landmarks Commission review, notice will be published by release to the local news media, through City publications, or other means.  The public notice shall list the proposed nominations with addresses, and shall encourage public input prior to the state review board.
      (2)   The Landmarks Commission shall submit a report to the State Preservation Office prior to the final review of the Ohio Historic Site Preservation Advisory Board (OHSPAB) regarding the eligibility of each property or district proposed for nomination to the National Register within its jurisdiction.  This report shall include the recommendation of the Landmarks Commission and the Mayor regarding the eligibility of the property.  The report shall be made available for public inspection.
      (3)   If both the Landmarks Commission and the Mayor recommend that a property not be nominated, the Landmarks Commission will so inform the property owner(s) and the state review board.  Such property will not be nominated unless an appeal is filed with the State Historic Preservation Officer.
      (4)   If either or both the Landmarks Commission and the Mayor agree that the property should be nominated, the report of their opinion shall be forwarded to the State Preservation Office within sixty (60) days, and the nomination will be scheduled for final review by the State Preservation Office.
      (5)   Either the Landmarks Commission or the Mayor may appeal the final decision of the State Preservation Office under the aforementioned State Preservation Office appeals procedure.
      The City may elect to send a supporting letter signed by both the Mayor and the president of the Landmarks Commission with the nomination when it is first submitted to the State Preservation Office.  The requirements of subsection (j)(1) hereof shall apply.  Upon written agreement between the City and the State Preservation Office, the City may elect to assume responsibility for notification of property owners and the public throughout the nomination process.  If such an agreement is entered into, the City shall meet the public notice requirements specified by the National Register nomination procedures of the Department of the Interior and the State Preservation Office.
      (Ord. 85-485.  Passed 9-10-85.)