(a)   In considering the designation of any area, place, building, structure, work of art or similar object in the City of Springfield as a listed property or a Historic District, the Landmarks Commission shall apply the following criteria with respect to such property.  One (1) or more of the following must apply:
      (1)   Its character, interest or value as part of the development, heritage or cultural characteristics of the City of Springfield, State of Ohio or the United States;
      (2)   Its location as the site of a significant historic event;
      (3)   Its identification with a person or persons who significantly contributed to the culture and development of the City of Springfield;
      (4)   Its exemplification of the cultural, economic, social, archaeological or historic heritage of the City of Springfield;
      (5)   Its portrayal of the environment of a group of people in an era of history characterized by a distinctive architectural style;
      (6)   Its embodiment of distinguishing characteristics of an architectural type or specimen;
      (7)   Its identification as the work of an architect or master builder whose individual work has influenced the development of the City of Springfield;
      (8)   Its embodiment of elements of architectural design, detail, materials or craftsmanship which represent a significant architectural innovation;
      (9)   Its relationship to other distinctive areas which are eligible for preservation according to a plan based on an historic, cultural or architectural innovation;
      (10)   Its unique location or singular physical characteristic representing an established and familiar visual feature of a neighborhood, community or the City of Springfield;
      (11)   Its having yielded, or likelihood of yielding, information important to the understanding of pre-history or history. 
         (Ord. 84-549.  Passed 11-13-84.)
      (12)   Its meeting criteria for National Register of Historic Places designation as listed by the Department of the Interior.
         (Ord. 85-485.  Passed 9-10-85.)
   (b)   The Landmarks Commission shall notify the owner of any proposal to list his property.  Whenever possible, the Landmarks Commission shall secure the owner's written consent for the proposed designation and upon receipt of such consent the property shall be listed upon favorable recommendation of the Landmarks Commission to City Commission and upon approval by City Commission at a regular or special session of City Commission.
   (c)   In the event that such owner shall refuse or decline to give his written consent to the proposed listing and in the designation of all historic districts the following procedure shall be followed:
      (1)   The Landmarks Commission shall schedule a public hearing on the question of the proposed listing, setting forth a date, time and place and causing written notice to be given to the owner; or in the case of a large historic district where individual notices may not be practical, notice to be given through existing neighborhood or other organizations.
         The Landmarks Commission shall cause a legal notice to be published in a newspaper of general circulation in the City setting forth the nature of the hearing, the property or district involved and the date, time and place of the scheduled public hearing.  These notices shall be given at least two (2) weeks before the scheduled hearing.
      (2)   The Landmarks Commission shall conduct the public hearing and shall provide a reasonable opportunity for all interested parties to express their opinions.  Within fifteen (15) days after the hearing, the Commission shall set forth in its recommendations such findings of fact which constitute the basis for its decision and shall transmit such recommendation concerning the proposed designation to the Clerk of the City Commission.
      (3)   The City Commission shall give due consideration to the findings and recommendations of the Landmarks Commission, as well as such views as may have been expressed by persons participating in the hearing before the Landmarks Commission in making its own determination with respect to the proposed designation.  The City Commission shall act on the proposed designation within forty-five (45) days of receipt of recommendations from the Landmarks Commission.  If City Commission fails to act within forty-five (45) days, the designation shall be considered to be approved.  The City Commission may designate a listed property or a Historic District at any regular or special meeting of the City Commission.
      (4)   After a decision by the City Commission, the Landmarks Commission shall notify the owner(s) of the decision by the City Commission.
         (Ord. 84-549.  Passed 11-13-84.)
   (d)   Local Register of Historic Districts and Structures
      (1)   A.   South Fountain Preservation Area, as described in Ordinance 85-329.
         B.   East High Street District, as described in Ordinance 85-566.
      (2)   A.   Third Presbyterian Church (714 North Limestone Street)
         B.   Bushnell Building (14 East Main Street and 16-18 North Fountain Avenue)
         C.   Pennsylvania House (1311 West Main Street)
         D.   IOOF Home For The Aged (404 East McCreight Avenue)
         E.   Myers Hall on Wittenberg University's campus
         F.   Old City Hall (117 South Fountain Avenue)
         G.   Springfield News-SunBuilding (202 North Limestone Street), limited to the original structure completed in 1929 and being the entire length of the structure that fronts on North Limestone Street and 78 feet of the structure that fronts on East North Street, measured from the corner of North Limestone Street and East North Street.
         H.   Gammon House (620 Piqua Place)
            (Ord. 19-66. Passed 3-12-19.)